How Yeti Cooler Saved Our Day?

It was the time of summer vacations. So, our whole college gang planned a trip to get a break from our monotonous routine. We had decided to visit the high mountains in the USA that are best known for the camping trip. So, to bring our plan into action, we had rented out a van so that our whole gang could easily fit in and also, it becomes convenient for us to reach our destination since the place was not at a huge distance. We were relying on our rudimentary camping gears including tents, two Yeti coolers. Before we had ventured out on our journey, we had thorough research on our destination and the destination is a remote and isolated place where you could barely see people camping. Yes, this thrilled us all and fueled our energy. It was a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Fear, anxiety, curiosity, risk gripped all of us and we hardly bothered about anything that came our way.


As we reached our destination at night, we immediately set up the tent since we had no accommodation where we could have stayed. We pitched our tent in a few minutes and started playing card games and much more. Since it was the time of summer, the day was quite hot and the wind felt like on a strike and this fact kept us worried about the ice and other beverages that we had kept inside the ice chest. Since it was a Yeti cooler, we had expected a great ice life from this cooler. Our hopes came true when we opened the ice chest only to see the ice staying as ice in this ice chest and all other contents were perfectly there. Did I mention our camping trip included 3 days? Yes, our camping trip included three days and hardly we saw any sort of water leakage in cooler. You can imagine how hard it is to survive during the summer especially when the scorching heat of summer tans your body. We were not sure about us but the ice chest. Ice chest withstood every assault of summer from the hot breeze to the hot rays of the sun and yet sticking by our side. For the three days, the sun continued to affect the cooler but the cooler was hardly bothered by the rays of the sun. Thanks to the Yeti coolers bag, we had a pleasant camping experience.


What we found impressive in Yeti Coolers?

We have already discussed how Yeti coolers perform when it comes to the performance. There arises no question the durability and performance of Yeti coolers. What’s more there in these coolers that make them people’s all time favorite.

  • Yeti coolers are mobile since these coolers come with the tie-down slots you can easily move them whether you are carrying it in your boat or on your truck.

  • For the easy draining of water, these coolers come with the Vortex Drain System that allows draining of water without the screw. This is something really impressive.

  • Featuring the lip grip handles, these coolers offer a superior grip to the hands so you can painlessly move them back and forth.

  • Rotomolded Constructions ensure the durability and longevity of the cooler.

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