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Coolers are the requirement of almost every person who plans camping, outing, road trips, party etc. A cooler is an insulated box which maintains the inner temperature and prevents outside heat and air from entering inside. Hence the cooler is used to preserve the food items, beverages, snacks, and other eatable products. In fact, you can also store ice in it and then can use it whenever required. The ice retention capacity of coolers depends upon their size and the quality of material being used while manufacturing. You can check the information about Top Coolers, different types, and sizes of the coolers on this page.

Best cooler in the Market

Orca Heavy Duty Cooler

This cooler is known as the best cooler with extra storage space you are a kind of camper or traveler who has carries some extra stuff on the trip then this cooler is the best choice for you. A cargo net is attached on the back of the cooler where you can store extra items. The product is 100% manufactured then the USA and comes with flexible handgrip which makes it easy to transport and carry from one place to another. The gaskets on the lids provide the best seal which retains the ice for up to 4 days.

K2 Coolers

This cooler is a rotomolded cooler which means the design will be e same every time when it comes to these coolers. The inner and the outer walls of the cooler is made up of UV stabilized polyethylene with a combined plastic insulating the cooler on the inner as well as outer walls. The cooler has amazing ice retention capacity and protects it from punctures and impact s. Some of the key features of this cooler are–UV resistant, Available in multiple colors, Integrated handles, dry ice compatible.

Engel Coolers

The company is manufacturing coolers from last 50 years hence one thing which I can say is, you can rely on the products for sure. The cooler is manufactured through rotomolding process which means precision has been considered at the time of making the product. The cooler has an airtight seal and has 2 inches of insulation which prevent at the outer air and temperature from affecting the products available inside.

Yeti Coolers

The coolers manufactured by this company have the features of high quality, heavy duty and are highly functional. The ice retention capacity of yeti coolers are very good and let you enjoy your drink at any moment. There are different sizes of coolers available in the market wherein you can hold 20 cans and up to 222 cans.

Different Size of the Coolers

Small Coolers – Various companies manufacture coolers of small size so that if you have less number of heads in your group then the cooler can be carried easily. The link to check the details of the different coolers is available on this page.

Big Coolers – There the s requirement of the large coolers in size when there are 8-10persons in the group. It is because the foodstuff and beverages increase when there is the number of people.


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